Cheap Backpacker Travel Insurance

Are you planning on doing a trip where you will include backpacking to different countries? If the answer is yes, then you better make sure that you find yourself cheap backpacker travel insurance. Travel insurance is a must if you are planning on leaving the country. Without backpacker insurance you are not covered if you get sick or have an accident while you are away. This could mean thousands of dollars in hospital bills if you end up in a foreign hospital.

Having good insurance is important because you are covered from any accidents or sickness that may arise when you are traveling. Backpacker travel insurance is cheaper and more effective than traditional single trip travel insurance. In the traditional insurance you are only covered for one place you go. This means that if you decide to change your plans you won’t have coverage. Backpacker insurance will cover you no matter where you decide to go.

There are a couple of core features that is involved with the traveler insurance. The first and probably most important part of the insurance is emergency medical assistance coverage. This means that if you are every in an emergency situation you would not need to worry about paying the medical expenses, which also includes rescue and repatriation. You are also covered for any injuries you may accidents or injuries that you might sustain during your travels. After this basic coverage, there are other types of coverage you can buy depending on the insurance provider.

Before purchasing cheap backpacker travel insurance you should ensure that you research the different plans available. Using the internet you should find the insurance coverage that is both cheap and good value. Always compare and contrast different companies before making your decision to buy insurance.

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What Vaccinations Do I Need When I Travel?

If you are heading somewhere exotic and developing you will of course need to head down to a clinic and get a variety of vaccines before disappearing in another country. The question remain, what vaccinations do I need when I travel?

Here in this article I will cover the best I can the topic of immunisations and vaccines. Read on to find out general guidelines about vaccination.

The vast majority of the critical vaccines will be boosters of shots you presumably had as a kid. There are a few others, however it is worth reconsidering being sold on having the “entire bundle” of immunisations. Everything relies on upon where you are going and how you feel about the danger.

Numerous backpackers goes to a travel clinic center and says they’re going to some place like Peru or Thailand, the medical attendant search for “Thailand” on the computer and before they know it they have a vaccines package for 200$, an exceptionally excruciating arm, 10’s of extremely costly pills and coverage for some exceptionally rare maladies of which the danger of getting them are little compared with different dangers.

All things considered, it is vital to caution against the attitude of “I will take the risk and don’t get that shot” (often in regards to Malaria). I prefer being cautious and get the shots I need just in case, but I won’t go overboard with all kinds of vaccines I don’t really need like rabies shot.

Useful information: the following information is taken from various sources, some medical, some not. I am not a doctor and therefore the information in this section should be taken with that consideration in mind. However, this is a good place to start and will be of good use when you decide in which countries you want to travel.

So what shots do I need? You absolutely need those vaccines when traveling to third-world and developing countries. No matter which country. You will need: Typhoid (3 years – also available as a pill), Meningitis (A+C), Diphtheria (10 years), Hepatitis A (two doses, 10 years – or immunoglobulin that will last for 3-6 months)), Polio (10 years), Tetanus (10 years) and if you are heading to parts of South America or Africa then Yellow fever (10 years). Let me warn you about something, you are going to feel a little groggy after some of these vaccines.

Within the UK and other EU countries with a national/socialised health service, for the vaccines listed above, you will probably be charged for Yellow Fever and Hepatitis A only, at a cost of about €90, with Hep A/Typhoid and Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio being usually free of charges. This will of course vary from country to country. Walk in clinics are good for those in a hurry, but will charge a lot more.

Within the USA and other countries without a government funded health service the cost of your shots will be quite expensive in some cases and are rarely covered on medical insurance (I think Tetanus is included). The following costs are typical for the United States: Typhoid – $75, Polio Booster – $50, Hep A & B – $200 (per shot 2/3 needed), Yellow Fever – $100, Meno Meningitis -$130 & Rabies – $200 (per shot, 3 needed). In the USA you usually have to go to special travel doctors to get the shots, as most doctors and clinics don’t have them.

Within Canada with a national/socialised health service, we have travel clinics that offer all the shots. Here is a breakdown of the average price of each vaccine: Dukoral 80$ (2 doses needed), Twinrix for Hep A & B 70$ (3 doses), Japanese Encephalitis 215$ (2 doses), Polio no charges, Rabies 200$ (3 doses), Tetanus/Diphtheria no charges, Typhoid 44$, Yellow Fever 135$.

Rabies, Hepatitis B and Japanese B Encephalitis are in many opinions not 100% necessary considering the cost and number of injections and rarity of the diseases. The rabies vaccine for example may not give full immunisation and you would always need boosters after a possible exposure of an animal bite, so the shot extends the time you have to get the boosters and makes the treatments of an animal bite much easier. Even if it is technically not essential, there is an argument for not totally discard it if you feel you might be in danger or expose to rabies during a travel. Hep B is perhaps only suggested if you plan to be sexually active, as it is an STI usually transmitted during sexy time. Just to warn you, Hep B can be contracted in other situations such as passed on during medical or dental treatment with inadequately sterilisation.

I know it would be nice to be immunized against “everything”, some shots provide protection from infections that have a diminishing risk depending on which country you are going and what you will be doing. Not to mention that in many cases, vaccines can be quite costly. However you would be irresponsible to only take my word for advice by reading this alone and you should seek professional advice to make sure you make 100% informed choices, although medical professionals will almost always tell you to get the total protection in the same way they would always advise alcohol in moderation and wearing sun block cream.

That’s it! In this article “What vaccinations do I need when I travel” I gave you my tips on travel vaccination and I hoped it will help you in your trip planning.

I will cover Malaria in a future article, I think Malaria deserve his own spotlight. Stay tune to find out all about this infection.

What about you? Did you get any vaccines or immunisations before traveling? What is your opinion about vaccination? Leave your thoughts and comments below, don’t forget to share this helpful article with your friends!

Plan To Backpack Around The World? 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind

Planning a backpack around the world trip is definitely not easy, but it can be made a lot of fun if you are armed with the right advice. If you are planning to take a trip around the world on a budget, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

1. Backpacking is all about being in the moment. There is no way you can research everything there is to know about your travel destinations, so do not waste your time. Instead, try and have a good time when you decide to backpack around the world. You can read about the place you are going to have a general idea, but to make ‘must see places’ lists will lead your trip to disaster.

2. Backpacking your way in and out of cities is not very easy, so keep your load very light. Take only that which is absolutely essential and leave the rest if you do not want to turn your trip into a nightmare.

3. It is important to split up every once in a while when you backpack around the world. That way, you cover more ground and explore a lot more places. When you find something interesting, you can always meet together there.

4. Keep your camera handy at all times. You never know where you will find something worth taking a picture of. Taking good pictures will always remind you of the great places you have been to.

5. This cannot be stressed enough, always get travel insurance when you are moving out of your country. When you backpack around the world, travel insurance is a safety net you should never ever leave your home without.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can backpack around the world without a single care, and make the most of your trip.

How to Choose an Ideal Backpack That Will Suit Your Needs? Here Are Your Answers!

Finding an ideal backpack takes time and can be daunting. Simply because there are different needs, for instance a sport person will need a backpack that will carry its dirty uniform as well as other stuff such as water bottle, snacks, etc. And normally sportsman’s uniforms get very dirty and therefore their backpacks will get dirty too, this is why they need a backpack that has a canvas bag that is washable.

A college student on the other hand needs a backpack that will carry his books, laptop or any other study material. This is why students prefer shoulder backpacks, simply because they are very accessible and they look cool too. Some students prefer backpacks that have wheels; it is a matter of preference choice.

There are also travellers who definitely require a backpack that has wheels, so they can easily move things around with ease (just like some students).

Campers also require backpacks; however their needs are somewhat different they need a very large backpack so they can carry a lot of stuff with them, just like soldiers.

And finally there are people who specialize in certain fields of study that require a backpack of different sizes and shapes for their equipment; they need a backpack that is super stylish for their profession. These are:

  • Beauty Consultants
  • Chefs
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Labours
  • Office workers

These are just a few examples of professional workers who require backpacks that differ but suit their needs when carrying around their tools of the trade.